Best Museums to Visit in Turkey

Best Museums to Visit in Turkey

Hagia Sophia Museum / Church (Ayasofya, Istanbul) The Hagia Sophia shows a melding of Christian and Islam. It was initially built as a church and was later changed to a mosque. This More »

The Best Beach Holidays in Turkey (Part II)

The Best Beach Holidays in Turkey (Part II)

There are so many beautiful beaches in Turkey that it is impossible to cover all the best ones to go to. In Part II, a few more of Turkey’s top beaches are More »

The Best Beach Holidays in Turkey (Part I)

The Best Beach Holidays in Turkey (Part I)

For those looking for a relaxing, fun holiday spent on beautiful white beaches and bathing in clear blue waters, then Turkey is the ideal destination. Turkey has a number of gorgeous beaches More »

Desserts you must try when in Turkey (Part II)

Desserts you must try when in Turkey (Part II)

There are so many delicious Turkish desserts that it is impossible to put them all in one post. Here is part II of the series of what desserts to try when you More »

Desserts you must try when in Turkey (Part I)

Desserts you must try when in Turkey (Part I)

In Turkey dessert is seen as a meal to share, and is an opportunity to be social. And alongside it, drink your choice of hot, strong Turkish tea or coffee. Baklava Baklava More »


About Us – Travel to Turkey

Have you always dreamed of travelling to Turkey? With a combination of rich history, plenty of culture, and gorgeous sandy-white beaches, Turkey offers something for any kind of traveller. This website aims to inform those wanting to visit Turkey for a holiday, of all the information they might need.

On this website, you will find information on how to best get to Turkey, which cities in Turkey to visit, the top cultural attractions in each city, and the best beaches to spend lazy afternoons at. This site also shares information on food and drinks unique to Turkey.

You will learn about delicious desserts such as Kesme Dondurma and Salep Dondurma (both of these are ice creams), Şerbet – a refreshing drink, and Osmanli Macunu – a brightly coloured candy. Turkey is also home to a delicious range of phyllo pastry-based desserts such as Kunefe (made with unsalted cheese), and Baklava – a dessert suitable for morning, afternoon, or nighttime!

If you want to stretch out in the sun on a beautiful beach, you will have plenty to choose from! Read up on the many popular beaches Turkey has to offer such as Patara – not only Turkey’s longest beach (at 12km long) but also its most beautiful beach. For a less commercial beach, there is Kleopatra Beach, which also has snorkelling.

More interested in the cultural side of Turkey? You will find a list of the most popular museums in Turkey, including the Hagia Sophia and the Topkapi Palace. Have a look around – you will get all the help you need for planning your next vacation to Turkey!

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