Online Gambling in Turkey

If you were hoping to get some online gambling done while on your holiday in Turkey, you may be disappointed. Online gambling is prohibited in Turkey. The only betting company allowed to operate is the joint venture between Inteltek and Turkcell – Iddaa. It is a sports betting company.

roulette-1253626_960_720It is quite recent that gambling was banned in Turkey – just 2007. And the government took that law very seriously. Between 2009 and 2014, 110 gambling websites were shut down.

There have even been laws put in place where Turkish banks are prevented from authorising transactions with online casino accounts, as well as laws that prevent players from accessing foreign gambling websites.

All of these laws have not affected Turkish players’ love for the game. For the dedicated Turkish gambler, there are always ways to overcome these laws.

Firstly, to access the gambling website, a VPN, proxy server, or dynamic IP addresses are used to get around the blocking of certain IP addresses and websites. And to be able to transact with the websites, a Ukash (and before 2016, Paypal) account is simply set up.

In May 2016 Paypal announced that it would be leaving Turkey. This is due to Paypal’s licence being denied by the Turkish Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK).

Turkish gamblers represent a bg marketing for many online gambling companies such as and Betsson. Betsson, for example, claims that a quarter of their business comes from Turkey. As they are registered in Malta, they do not fall under Turkey’s laws.

While there are these laws, as well as fines put into place for players caught accessing these websites (ranging from 100k-500k Turkish lira), it is very rare that the government actually puts the law into practice. The Turkish government is more concerned about banning illegal operators than catching individual players.