The State of Gambling in Turkey

As with many countries who claim to be secular, Turkey’s laws still have a religious influence. This can be seen in the government’s legal view towards gambling.

download (1)While Turkey used to have a thriving gambling industry, it is now highly regulated and restricted and, in fact, largely banned. Turkey does allow a few state-regulated gambling companies.

The citizens of Turkey still have a big interest in gambling, and because of the limit of physical casinos, they have turned to online casinos such as, amongst others.

Various legislation throughout the 90’s and 2000’s led up to the outright banning of the gambling industry in 2007 by the government. The only legal gambling company in Turkey is the state-owned sports betting game Iddaa.

Iddaa Proved to be very successful and enjoyed substantive growth in Turkey. It is well-loved by sports fans, and has a 99% brand awareness rate country-wide! This is down to the excellent marketing effort behind the launch and growth stages of the enterprise.

The Turkish people are known for the passion for sports, so it was almost a given that a sports betting company would do well. The sports gambling company Iddaa is a product of Inteltek. Inteltek is a joint venture between INTRALOT and Turkcell. INTRALOT is a gaming market leader globally. It operates across 57 jurisdictions on 5 different continents. Turkcell is a GSM communications company – the first and biggest in Turkey. It operates throughout 9 countries and has 71.5m subscriptions.

Spor Toto Directorate is the Turkish gaming authority. It reports to the Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sports. The Spor Toto Directorate granted Inteltek the exclusive operation of all of the following in Turkey: para-mutual betting games and fixed odds betting on sports events. This exclusive grant includes Technological Infrastructure, Sales & Marketing, Risk Management.